Welcome new members!

Sunday, June 10, 2018 we will be welcoming 6 new members.

Joel Longa:  Joel has moved to Sioux Falls from the Congo, Africa.  Joel joins us by his profession of faith. He is presently a student at Southeast Technical Institute in are the area of construction.  He has been a part of the United Methodist church in his native country. Welcome, Joel!

William and Barbara Lease:  Bill and Barbara come to us via transfer from First Congregational Church here in Sioux Falls.  Presently, they are both retired from their business Lease Surgical Supplies Inc.  They are deeply interested in our mission and outreach ministries.  Welcome Bill and Barbara!

John Raj:  John has been a part of Methodism in India.  He joins us by his profession of faith. He came to Sioux Falls to bring care and support to his mother.  John has vast experience in the banking and financial products industry.  He is hoping to gain employment soon.   John is interested in worship and mission and outreach as well. Welcome, John!

Jason Schuldt: Jason, Susan and their children Abby and Eli are an active family in our church. Jason is joining the church on his profession of faith.  As a member Susan grew up here at First UMC.  Jason works as a graphic artist with his family company Custom Art Graphics.  Susan works for Sanford Dermatology. Jason has helped in the areas of Trustees.   They have been active participants in the children and youth ministry areas.  Welcome Jason!

Nathan Vensand: Nathan comes to us via profession of faith.  He has served our country through military service.  Nathan works for Eagle Lawn and Landscaping.  He has two children.  Nathan is excited to deepen his relationship with Jesus.  Welcome Nathan!


UMCOR Heath Kits

United Methodist Committee on Relief works globally to alleviate human suffering and advance hope and healing. Health kits provide basic necessities to people who have been forced to leave their homes because of human conflict or natural disaster. Health kits are also used as learning tools in personal hygiene, literacy, nutrition and cooking classes.

Learn more about the importance of donating a Health Kit. 

Health kit.png

Live Stream Problems

When is the live stream available?

We currently stream the Traditional Worship Service at 8:30,  & Unity Worship Service at 9:45 am central time.

What equipment do I need to watch the live stream?

Nearly any computer, tablet or phone with a broadband internet connection should be able to stream the worship service live.

How can I be involved in the worship service?

We ask you to check in with us and include any prayer concerns. We will pass your prayer concerns along to our prayer team. You can participate in our offering at home as well through online giving. You may also wish to view our weekly News & Events to stay connected to things happening at First Church. The bulletin for the day's worship is also available. Links for these options are located right above the live stream window.

I am unable to view the live stream, what can I do?

New technology always comes with occasional difficulties. Attempting to send and receive a live broadcast over the internet to a multitude of different devices can be complicated. Here are a few things you might check:

Your connection - You need to have a broadband connection either through a cable modem, DSL line, fiber network, or mobile data connection. If you're using a wireless connection (wifi) make sure that you have a strong signal. While watching video streaming, you may need to move closer to your router.

Your browser - Our streaming provider works to make our stream compatible with most internet browsers. However, with ever-changing technology and unlimited configurations, sometimes it just doesn't work. If you are able, try a different browser. Some users who have trouble with Internet Explorer (Windows) or Safari (Mac) have had better luck with Google's Chrome Browser.

Rebooting - It is amazing what happens when we turn our devices off and then back on again. Give it a try!

The audio has an echo?

We have found this to be a common problem that can be easily fixed. With modern browsers, it is easy to accidentally open more than one browser tab or window. Usually, when there is an echo, it is due to the live stream playing in more than one location. The easiest way to remedy this is to completely close your browser. If you are running more than one, (i.e. Explorer and Chrome) close them all and reopen one.

Still having trouble?

Try viewing directly from our live stream provider.  LIVE STREAM PROVIDER LINK

Join us in prayer

There are many hurting right now here in our city.  Church On The Street ministers to the folks living in the margins.  Join us in prayer for the Church On The Street ministry and the individuals they minister to.

Anonymous: Please pray I can get a job and leave the homeless shelter. I am still in high school. Please pray I graduate. Please pray my relationship stays healthy. Pray for the other kids like me. 

Pat: Please pray for Sky Spotted War Bonnet, my daughter, who is on dialysis. For my grandchildren to keep them safe, keep them in school and have enough food to feed them. For me and my sobriety and patience. Thank you!

Anonymous: A place to live. I will take any place.

Linda: I need a prayer for my sister. She made bad choices in her life and family. They are suffering.

Anonymous: Please pray for Mill and Annie as they move to Maine.

Anonymous: Prayers for people to remember the old ways. Keep the poor safe and warm and fed. Lord, give us mercy, safety, knowledge, humility, and shame for our sin.

Bennie: Please give me and my husband special prayers and give us strength. Please help my sister and give her strength while she is out there struggling with alcohol and wondering.

Johnny: One prayer is for Luke and his cancer on his face and eye. I would also like you to pray for Daniel, Jeanie and Johnny, that we get along and make it financially in our shared apartment with no drama or death.

To whom it may concern, My name is Crystal. On March 10th I was told by my doctor that my kidneys are shutting down. My health has not been good. Rebel visits all of us where ever we are and I know there are 4 of us who are very sick/have cancer and now me too. Please pray for us. Pray that we get better or at east survive. Sincerely, Crystal.

Yunawy: My English not good. Please pray for my citasine (situation).

Anonymous: I am requesting prayers for my cousin Aaron. They found a tumor behind his eye. Lord help him.

For my daughter Michelle, who is having her 2nd baby . her due date is May 24th.  I pray she is born healthy. In all aspects. Thanks for your prayers.

Pete: Lord, Father, God. Please put into motion an end to oppression of the poor in Sioux Falls. Help bring peace, love and joy and grace to the streets. Positive instead of negative. Keep these new friends I met today here safe and healthy. Help us to right living through our actions. Dear Lord I pray.

Anonymous: Please pray for all people who have addictions to keep strong.

Karla: Please pray for me, my daughter and Darcy. That they have someplace the same to live every night. Thank you for my cough going away and for sending Rebel with food for us when I was sick.

Anonymous:: Pray for Helen O’Conner for hip surgery. Pray for Connie O’Conner for good health. Pray for Kendra Arpan with spina bifida and her health. Pray for Roger Arpan and prostrate cancer.

Donna: I am mentally ill. Please pray that I get better.

Anonymous: My son has been in prison since 2014- he is my only help (like a caregiver). I am disabled and cannot always take care of myself. Thank you for picking me up. Please help him with prayers so that he may get out soon. Thank you very much. 

Logan: My grandfather is in the hospital and not doing well.

Anonymous: Please keep everyone safe and lend them to make the right choice. Amen.

Anonymous: Please pray for Annee and her family for strength. I am having a hard time keeping a job because I don’t have a car. I’m in so much financial debt that is affecting how I can keep my bills from piling up. Also, keep us in your prayers to help Annee have her three girls returned to her. She loves them so. Thank you.

Tom: Please pray for my forgiveness.

Angel: Please pray for Emily Elizabeth who is in the hospital in Minneapolis now. She has lost the will to live. She is 33 and is so loved.

Anonymous: I don’t know how to pray. Better Health and life. 

Anonymous: I need prayer for myself and my anxiety to be able to show my daughters how to live a Godly life as well as myself. I am recently beginning to trust in the Lord as my Savior. Thank you for teaching me the Lords Prayer.

Anonymous: Dear Lord, King of Kings, Our Savior. Help me! Bring forth the Holy Spirit to intercede on my behalf. Being severely flawed, allow me to worship you, praise you and submit/commit to you . I confess that you have died for my sins and have arose again being my Lord and savior. Please call/choose me and allow me to accept your will for my life. Make me a better mom, friend, relative , person and worker/doer in Christ Jesus allow your light to shine through my life and people around me and give me and my children ever lasting life in you and in you. Protect us and cushion us from blows. 

Anonymous: Thank you God for protecting me in jail and bringing me back to hear your word.


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Watch the service later in the day

To watch the 8:30 or 9:45 service later on in the day or a few days later, etc: 

 1.  You can use this service anytime of the day or night

2. Go to http://www.sfumc.org/

3.  You will see a large picture on the first page that goes across the top of the page.

4.  Above the large picture you will see a row of 6 different items you can click on.

5.  One item shown in the top row is Resources, click on that.

 6.  If you want to watch past recorded Sermons/Messages ONLY, click on “See Recorded Messages”

7.  If you want to watch past services (all parts of it), click on “See Recorded Full Messages”

Live Stream Worship Steps

To watch the 8:30 or 9:45 service live follow the below instructions:

 1.       To use this option you need to go online during the time the services are actually going on or are about ready to start.

 2.       Go to http://www.sfumc.org/

3.       You will see a large picture on the first page that goes across the top of the page.

4.       Under the large picture you will see all our services.  Under the Traditional Worship and Unity Worship you will see – Watch Live online – click there to join the service you want to watch live.

5.       To use this option you need to go online during the time the services are actually going on or are about ready to start.

Love Ribbons for Valentines Day!

UMW Love Ribbons are a special way to show someone that you love or care about them!  They are available throughout the year, but we are featuring them this Valentine season. They only cost a dollar and can be purchased at the UMW table across from the office on Sunday mornings. UMW groups throughout the Conference participate in the Love Ribbon program, and ALL proceeds go towards Love Ribbon Grants that are given out to support projects with a focus on benefitting children. Our church’s UMW Unit has been the recipient of a number of Love Ribbon Grants in the past, and we invite you to participate in this fund-raiser by purchasing Love Ribbons to pin on your sweetheart and others you care about.  Be sure to stop by the UMW table and choose a Love Ribbon to honor that special someone at church or in your life, and be sure to include a hug after you have pinned them!

Thank you for your help.
Mary Uecker, UMW Communications
Lisa Graue, UMW Love Ribbon Coordinator

Whisperings from the Library

Normally when you think of libraries you think of quiet places with shelves of books and comfy
chairs to come and spend some much needed down time. You may have even heard the “Ssshhh!” “Whisper please!” from the librarian.  You can still find that here in our church library as well. A quiet space with comfy chairs and thousands of books, well over 5000. In fact, since May we have added 236 books to our collection with more being added every week.  However, there is a great deal of excitement going on in the library. Wednesday nights you might find a group of parents working on projects like wrapping shoe boxes, refreshing the worship bags for the children, or assembling donations to give out at the Christmas Tree Lighting. There are students working on homework and often impromptu puppet shows.  Sunday mornings we are often visited by the joyous sounds of the Sunday school children who are busy exploring the books and listening to stories from one of our wonderful library volunteers.  There are meetings, mentoring, tutoring and memories being made up in the stacks of the library.  Come, pull up a chair and curl up with a good book and join the excitement of the library.

See you in the Stacks
Cynchia McConniel


Raising funds for 2018 Puerto Rico mission trip

We are selling Fly Boy gift cards for coffee and donuts to raise money for our Puerto Rico mission trip next summer.


  • 12 oz. coffee (whole or ground) $14/bag
  • 24 k-cups- $20


  • Dozen glazed- $10
  • Dozen assorted (donuts, long johns, bismarks)- $14
  • Flyboy dozen- (assortment including 4 specialty items)- $18

AND…to go along with the coffee and donuts- get ceramic mugs for $10 or a travel tumblers for $20.  The mugs are a great reminder-while you drink that morning coffee- to pray for Puerto Rico and the group going there this summer on a mission trip!  They would make great Christmas gifts. 

This mission trip to Puerto Rico is going to be a great experience.  There will be a lot of work to do!  To make it possible for us all to get there, fundraising is important.  We can take up to 60 people this June 30th -July 6th.  This is going to cost about $85,000 (depending on the cost of flights-still being worked out).  Support for this trip is critical.  We need your prayers, encouragement and financial support to make this trip be the life-changing trip that it can be! 

Any questions-

Ask Andrea or Curtis

Kingdom Building Sunday

Join us on 5 for all 3 worship services as we celebrate our Lord and all he has given us. Join us for a full turkey dinner as we support our youth in mission as the prepare to go to Puerto Rico in 2018.  Mr and Mrs Grainer will be here talking about their experiences as missionaries and express their gratitude in helping support them financially. All will have the opportunity to give the gift of live via donating a pint of blood.  The day will end as the Nightwatch serves dinner to 200+ folks.

We support PROJECT CAR!

Have you ever wondered about those vehicles you see running around Sioux Falls with the words "Project Car" written on the side?

Well, it’s a little-known taxi service in town where the rides are free to a very special clientele. 

One of the hardest things for older Americans to deal with is not being able to drive anymore. Even though they have lots yet to contribute, they're stuck.

25 years ago, pastor Barney Friesth of 1st Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls wanted to help those folks at least get to church. Working with a couple other congregations in town, Project CAR was born.

Today Project CAR has grown to four cars, two vans and a bus with 60 drivers and well over 150 regular riders.

You can call (605)332-2777 for more information about getting a ride or being a volunteer driver.

58th Annual Turkey Dinner

 Help support the student ministry by donating items to the silent auction and country store.

Items needed are:

  • Theme Baskets (movie night, candles, pet care, kids stuff etc)
  • Gift Cards
  • New Household Items
  • New Electronics
  • Gently Used Items
  • Event Tickets
  • Unique and hard to find items

Please have all items delivered to the church by October 25.  Questions? Contact Pam Knuth

.(Turkey Dinner is Sunday, November 5, 2017 | 2 serving times 10:30 - 1 pm (get tickets now) & 4 - 6:30 pm. (get tickets now)  Adults: $10/Children 4-11 $6 children 3 and under free)